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Wig Capitol Foundation (WCF)

The Wig Capitol Foundation (WCF) was established to provide new and or refurbished wigs to low-income women and veterans who are coping with hair loss due to cancer, alopecia, and other medical illnesses.

We also provide complementary beautification workshops to cancer survivors, low-income women, and veterans to equipped them with the tools they need to prepare them for the employment process. Our mission is to empower women and families with our workshops, support the cancer survivors through their various treatments, and educate the families about the numerous harsh effects of cancer.

Since 2009 we have been operating effectively to serve men, women, and children from a various ages and cultural backgrounds. In just four short years, WCF has serviced over 2,000 men, women and children. We have donated wigs to the largest cancer organizations in the United States such as the American Cancer Society, African Women’s Cancer Awareness Association and Howard University Hospital Cancer Ward in the efforts to fight against all forms of cancer.

We always promote and host advocacy programs, fundraisers, and seminars throughout the Greater Washington Metropolitan Area. Wig Capitol Foundation provides wigs post-treatment, mannequin heads, wig accessories, head coverings, eyelashes/ adhesive, various clothing and official Wig Capitol paraphernalia.

Pearl of Wisdom Campaign to Prevent Cervical Cancer

There are many ways for you to show your support for the global elimination of cervical cancer. 


Wear your Pearl of Wisdom pin


Purchase a Pearl of Wisdom pin, the symbol for cervical cancer prevention. Show your support, start a conversation, and look great, for only $6.95, including shipping and handling.

All profits from the pin will go to the U.S. Pearl of Wisdom Campaign Fund, in support of U.S.-based cervical cancer prevention activities.


Share a Pearl of Wisdom with your friends and family

Ensure that those you care about know how to protect themselves against cervical cancer.

Spread the word

  • Post a digital pin or banner on your personal or professional website, blog, Facebook, or MySpace page.
  • Talk about it. Remind everyone that they need to be screened. Ask them to support the campaign.
  • Download and print the Pearl of Wisdom poster for your office.
  • Download and print the Pearl Campaign Flyer for events.

Show your face!

Send us a picture of you, your friends, your mom, your daughter, or anybody else wearing the Pearl of Wisdom pin. Your picture may appear on the Pearl of Wisdom campaign homepage!

Submit your photo


Partner with us

Find out more about how your organization can become a partner in our Pearl of Wisdom Campaign.