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Walmart: End the Corruption and the Cover-Up

Take action by   Tuesday, July 31, 2012

APRI Members,

The United Food and Commercial Workers International Union is requesting sign-ons to the open letter from civil rights leaders requesting that Wal-Mart resign from ALEC. You will see the following information that is included in the sign-on letter that is most disturbing:

1) Walmart had an executive who co-chaired the ALEC task force that endorsed the "Stand Your Ground Law."

2) ALEC also was very involved in promoting voter suppression through its "Voter ID" model legislation that has been turned into law in several states.

Please give high consideration in signing on to this letter. Also, consider signing the petition, posting it on your facebook page and sending it to your broader network.

Walmart: End the Corruption and the Cover-Up

If you need any additional information, please contact Robin Williams, at or (202) 223-3111.

Thanks for your support!


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